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Social media manager training with a difference.

Train to be a Sales and Marketing VA.

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Designed with a focus on real-world relevance.

Home improvement businesses can get lost in the sea of social media. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Agencies are expensive and they often don’t understand the homeowner market or the home improvement industry.

Marketing is more than posting on social media. To be of real value, you need to understand the company, the industry, the target market, the questions they ask and the solutions they are looking for. You need to be able to speak their language so that they know you are talking to them.

As a Sales and Social Media Manager student, you will be taught to understand consumer psychology and the way that home improvement businesses work. You will be of real measurable value to business owners who are too busy running the business to manage marketing effectively.

Why is this sales and social media management training course industry-specific?

This training goes above and beyond a typical social media course. It teaches you to understand the market you’ll be working in. We can do that because we know the home improvement industry well. This means that we can be of tremendous value to them.

Focusing your creativity in one industry allows you to be more productive. As one idea sparks another so you can stay in the flow instead of jumping from one group to another.

Why is this course different?

Social media marketing training for the home improvement industry makes you a specialist. You will stand out from the crowd of people who have only learned how to post on social media.

This is hands-on training. During the course, you will set up all of the programmes and platforms that you need. If you don’t already have a website, we will set one up for you. If you are worried about touching a real website, we’ll give you one to practice on until you become more confident.

In the third month, if you are not already working in a business, you will gain experience as an intern with a real company.

During the training, you will see the results of your efforts reflected in analytics so that you can use real data for your portfolio.

Who is the sales and social media management training for?

This course is for anyone who wants to be involved in marketing for a home improvement business.

This may because you already work for a business and want to add these skills.

You may want to be an independent social media manager and offer your services to several businesses.

Your partner may have a business and you want to help support them by generating more business for them.

If you are a business owner, the Master Your Marketing course is for you. You can find out more about Master Your Marketing here.

Marketing Strategy

Create a plan that works for your business that you can implement consistently.

Industry Specific

Designed specifically for business owners who sell to homeowners. 


Useable Tools

Find the right tools to make marketing easier. create better content and save time for you.

Learn Social Media

Understand all of the platforms, which ones to use and how to make the best of them.

Understand Analytics

Understand the effects of your marketing so that you can make the most of what works.


Present a consistent image to your customers that speaks of your values and creates know, like and trust.

Wordpress Websites

Your website is not an online brochure. Learn how to make it work for you.


SEO & Google

Learn how to make the most of SEO opportunities and optimise to be found on Google.

Your Business

We’ll give you all the tools and know-how to set up and run your business and include you in our listing.

Consumer Behavior

Understand the way the customer’s mind works to adapt for the best chance of selling to them.


Content Creation

Become a content machine. It’s not as difficult as it seems when you have a system.

Your Own Website

We’ll supply you with your own website setup which you will work on during the course.


New post templates every month for you to quickly modify with your own branding.

Keyword Research

Every month we’ll research keywords and phrases and suggest content ideas to use them in.

Action Plans

Keep on top of your marketing with monthly action plans to keep you on track.


Private Facebook group to connect with other members, share ideas and discuss the themes of the week.


Too Good to be True? Yes, it is so don’t miss out.  No risk – 14 day – no questions asked guarantee. Get in touch if you have further questions.

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